A Man and His Dinghy

One of the large projects that is still on our “To Do List” is fixing up the dinghy that Donald built for us 10 years ago. Donald insists on having a rowing dinghy (how old school can you get?) and this one needed some TLC. We wanted to pay tribute to Don’s family and one of their first dinghy’s was red, so that was the color this dinghy was going to be. My dad does not approve, “dinghies should be white.” Never one for tradition, we are sticking with red. However, turns out picking a red is challenging and we temporarily ended up with a raspberry dinghy. After a second trip to the paint store, we now are on our way with a brownish-red dinghy, looking good. Now we just have to get it to New Zealand to join Wasco.

Our first attempt at red…


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