T-7 and Counting

It’s been a chaotic year. And the last few weeks a whirlwind. Eleven months ago, over New Year, Don and Erika decided to inspect a second-hand boat half way around the world. Since then we’ve prepared houses for rent, packed up, moved out and shipped a crate of gear to New Zealand. So much for keeping the boat light and sailing fast. Not that we’ll be sailing any time soon. There are projects to be done when we arrive, not the least of which is to install a freezer. The previous owners had kids in diapers and tossed that in favor of using the space for a washing machine. There’s also a new coat of bottom paint after which Wasco gets splashed again around Mid-December, and we get to do a little shakedown sailing. Not too far because the crate will still be clearing customs. Between the planning phase and final execution, the logistics company extended the transit time by a few weeks. So instead of crating and shipping our tools, we have crated clothing and will be carrying a couple hundred pounds of tools in our luggage. Thank heaven Laura-Lee and Erika have been fanatical about their bootcamp training. Welcome to cruising – working on your boat in exotic locations, and schedules subject to the whims of the gods.

3 thoughts on “T-7 and Counting

  1. How did you settle on the 50S? I’m very interested in a 50s, but have yet to see one in person. Was on a 55 light and at 6’5″ found it a bit too tight inside for me. I understand the 50s and the 55s are much more spacious inside

    • It was a price/performance/accommodation combination that hit the right places. In a money-is-no-object world we would have ended up with a trimaran, but getting the accommodation for four people long term is tough. Next would have been something in the Chris White Atlantic series, but we were pretty well priced out of that market. The O’ 50S fell into the right spot. We looked at several S’s and L’s and preferred the little bit of extra space provided by the S. I wouldn’t say they are much more spacious, the hull accommodations are pretty much the same, the main salon/saloon/cabin is definitely more spacious, but still much smaller than most modern condomarans. Don’t know quite how it would work out for someone 6’5″ – it is taller than the L (I’m 6′, and on the L I can see over the cabin top when standing in the cockpit, on the S I can’t quite, have to get up on my toes).

      We’re still new to the boat (and the blog) so I might have more to say in a couple of months once we learn all the quirks.

  2. love the blog. We will be reading this on a regular basis. Miss you guys! We will have a nice glass of wine for you four.

    Tammy and Elliot

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