Remind Me Again Why We’re Doing This

Phase 2 begins. We are heading into Day 3 in New Zealand but I didn’t want Day 1 and 2 to pass without recognition. Although for me I would almost like Day 1 to be a distant memory – it was filled with a lot of fear, sadness, and concern over whether or not Donald and I made the right decision buying a new boat. Imagine flying to another country for a few days, seeing a boat for a total of 8 hours, spending a ton of money on it, then not seeing it for a year after its been sitting in a dirty, but very nice, boat yard.  The previous owners had cleared out the stuff they wanted, but left behind a lot of stuff that just needed to be thrown away. It is overwhelming when you walk on board. I wanted to turn around and fly home. But this is the choice we made and we must push forward, Day 1 ends as, exhausted after the long flight we check into the hotel.

Day 2 is the start of the real work. Forget about the work of packing up our lives and coming to New Zealand, now we have a boat to prepare. First we have to empty everything off the boat and evaluate what we have, what we need, and where to begin. Yesterday we each fell in to different roles, Laura-Lee and me began bleaching everything from ceiling to the bottom of the bilge. I even got out of my comfort zone and ended up in the underbelly of the boat. Geoffrey did some of everything, cleaning, scrubbing the Bimini so we had some shade, and organizing everything he found. Poor Donald, he got the worst job of the day, tearing apart the head, for those not in the know, the head is the bathroom. He was pretty much knee deep in shit, no joke. We knew from the moment we saw the boat that the head had to be replaced. I’m not sure how the previous family lived with the  unnecessary smell but luckily for me Donald knows his way around the technical side of a boat.

With all of our hard work by the end of the day you could begin to see the dirt disappear and the beginnings of making the boat our home. The fear is beginning to fade as Day 3 begins.

3 thoughts on “Remind Me Again Why We’re Doing This

  1. Yuck! I hope you splurged on a decent drink for Donald (after a shower that is). Wise decision not to plan for your first night on the boat…….Let us know when you get around to spiffing up the guest quarters.

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