Time To Disconnect

Let me say we spend way too much time struggling to make our technology work. Some would lay the blame with the device manufacturers. I would propose that we are at least equally to blame and too absorbed with our technology. It’s Friday night and the discussion is animated.

2X Laptops, 4X Kindle E-Readers, 3X iPhones, 1X Google Phi, 2X Rasberry Pi, 1X iPod, 1X iPod Nano, 1X iPad. And that’s just what we brought with us. Trying to connect to multiple different networks and service providers for phone and data services. The IT is a headache. I look forward to sailing over the horizon and putting that on hold for a while.

3 thoughts on “Time To Disconnect

  1. There once was a man called Love
    Who was actually a regular Guv
    But he hated technology
    Just as much as psychology
    Enough to give them both a big shove

    There Geoff, you can now say someone wrote a poem just for you. ;p

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