Donald is a Bed Wetter

After 54 years Donald has become a bed wetter. It isn’t quite as bad as it sounds in some respects but for me it was actually worse.

There are so many projects still to be done on the boat and still so much to learn about the boat. In this case we learned that when Donald is emptying the water tanks and has every faucet on the boat turned on, including the outdoor shower on the aft stairs, right behind our cabin, the small hatch in our cabin should be shut. When it isn’t, the bed frame fills with water, the new latex foam mattress absorbs all the water, and when you get back from dinner and get ready for bed, you are faced with very wet sleeping accommodations.

At 10 p.m., you must move the mattress on deck and attempt to soak up all the water that’s pooled in the framing. You then have to find a different set of sheets and make up the middle bunk which is still temporarily being used as a storage area until some of the other projects are done.

You get no pictures for this post because it wasn’t a very pretty end to a very nice evening out. I was tired and frustrated. Donald may not have been tired but he was definitely frustrated with my reaction.

For a couple of days we had to move the mattress inside and outside depending on weather to get it dried and after a few days we were able to move back in our cabin all cozy and nice. But sorry to say the story doesn’t end there, there is part two and I may be to blame.

We sailed back to the Whangarei marina to complete some tasks and go to some appointments, and when we got all securely tied up at the dock, I went and opened all the side hatches on the boat. As it started to pour down rain all I was worried about was the top hatches because usually it is okay to keep side hatches open. Turns out on a catamaran at least, it isn’t okay. Again, we went to go to bed and the foot of our mattress was wet, along with the sheets and comforter. This wasn’t as bad as Donald’s bed wetting. We were still able to sleep in our bed, after changing the sheets but Donald had to take one for the team and have his feet closer to the wet spot.

The next day we were all back to normal, however, if we end up with a wet bed one more time, we may get our cruising permit revoked.

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