Humor On A Lazy Day

It was definitely a good decision to take shelter today here at Whangaruru, which is particularly pretty, especially as afternoon transitions to evening and I anticipate the light softening enough for us to perhaps take some photos. It might even be time to introduce you to Byron, a teddy bear that my mom gave to me years ago, and whom I have chosen to bring along on this trip. He may look a little grumpy, but if you look closely at his mouth he is smiling. And given that some of his mates, whom I left behind to be looked after by Susan, have been lovingly slobbered over by Charlie the dog, Byron may be relieved after all that I decided to bring him with me.

It’s been a lazy day for me, mostly reading my book. Feeling a tad guilty about it as I am pretty sure if I looked hard enough I would find chores to do, just as the boys have. In fact, right now Geoff is doing maintenance on the electric head on the port side of the boat. He did suggest that perhaps I would like to read the manual so that I would fix the problem, and thereby assuage some of this guilt that I am feeling. Seriously funny guy is Geoff. A bit like Donald, who at some point this morning held a crowbar (that is what it looked like to me) and when asked what he intended with it, responded that it made for a good attitude adjuster. I thought for his own safety I should remind him that he’d get better results from the girls on board Wasco if he changed the attitude adjuster to a large cocktail. Erika was in complete agreement and spoke from a position of strength since she was at the time making almond biscotti and, if you know Donald, he has a sweet tooth. The biscotti by the way are simply delicious and made for an excellent accompaniment to the afternoon tea.

Hoping to make it to the Bay of Islands tomorrow, but as always, much will depend on Mother Nature.

3 thoughts on “Humor On A Lazy Day

  1. Byron looks lonesome. I must find him a traveling companion. Sounds like you had a lovely day and trust me when I say I am there with you in spirit. ;p

  2. Bryan is encouraging the Saratoga teddies to apply for political asylum – where should applications be directed? I suspect he might fill one out himself…….

  3. Enjoying following your exploits. A little worried about an electric head, especially with all the water intrusions. You don’t want to go when you go!

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