Christmas Comes a Day Early

It may not feel like it’s Christmas but the calendar tells me it is so I got to open the Christmas present my sister Inga, Jonathan, Jacob, and Ezra sent with us when we left. It sort of feels like I’m cheating and opening my gift a day early since it isn’t Christmas in California until tomorrow. It was so nice having a present from home and now I have some coloring to do with the pens and coloring books.

Laura-Lee also gave me a hand knit cozy that we saw in Whangarei. Proceeds go to fighting cancer. Currently it is keeping my water warm 🙂


It is so calm and sunny in Putakokota Bay anchorage that I have to try and convince myself it’s the holidays. When I last Facetimed my family they were at the park bundled up in heavy coats and gloves while I spent yesterday afternoon kayaking around the point of the bay. I hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas.

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