A Room With A View

I generalize, but mankind seems attracted to views of water; be it river, lake or ocean. For those of us lucky enough to spend time on the water, there is a similar beauty in the land as seen from the water.

Yesterday (Dec 29th) we sailed down to Whangamumu Harbour which comes highly recommended as an overnight stop between the Bay Of Islands and Whangarei. The bay seemed almost full on our arrival with mostly private fishing boats and a few sail boats. And yet they carried on arriving. By the time we turned in for the night more than sixty boats were snugly at anchor around us. It was strangely beautiful to see the constellation of anchor lights surrounding us in the middle of the night.

Today, to use the Kiwi vernacular, we “tramped.” New Zealand has a reputation for great hiking and there’s no shortage of trails. We spent about six hours exploring the hills (aspiring mountains) that form and protect Whangamumu Harbour and separate it from the Bay Of Islands. The trail was almost all through an overwhelmingly diverse and pristine forest – tree ferns, palms, hardwoods, epiphytes, and what looked like succulents. At one point we found ourselves in a cathedral like grove of the large Kauri trees. Every now and again there would be a break in the canopy and we could see into hidden little beaches and coves or out to infinity.

Back now on the boat, swinging on the anchor, I realize just how privileged we are to be travelling in a manner that provides us a room with a spectacular and ever-changing view.


3 thoughts on “A Room With A View

  1. How wonderful to read your posts . The photos and commentary are bringing your adventure to life here. After all this time it is a gift to be included. The Haida spirit is with you and its reincarnation a generation later touches me deeply. I just turned eighty and what could be more satifying than seeing your lives unfold so richly. Love Connie

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