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Laura-Lee and Geoff are off exploring Mangonui Harbor but Donald and I opted for an afternoon on the boat. After a couple of the chores were done; installing a mirror in the head, fixing a hatch hinge, and exploring Hihi via kayak, I was still looking for something to keep me busy.

Something yummy to eat is always welcome so I got down to some baking. Donald didn’t even wait for me to pull them all out of the pan before he had some extra butter out of the fridge, because there wasn’t enough in them (wink), and a muffin on a plate. I snuck a bite of course. What more can you ask for warm homemade banana walnut muffins with butter on top!

We did actually do some town exploration last night after a long time anchoring. This was the first anchorage that has made Donald uncomfortable. It is very shallow with only a very narrow channel. We got anchored but we’re quite exposed with the forecast winds so we spent another half hour or so driving around in a more protected area and reanchored. Donald was finally comfortable which allowed for some shore time.

Mangonui is a very small fishing town, quite charming once you’re out of the wind. Didn’t take much more than 20 minutes to get from one end to the other. However, it is known for having the best fish n’ chips in New Zealand and it’s pretty accurate. Three out of four of us got the Hapuku fish and Donald got the Hoki, both were delicious.

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