Egalitarian Sailing

In marinas and anchorages you can never be certain who your neighbors will be or where they hail from.

In the Whangarei Town Basin we spent a few nights at the dock tied up next to a boat that I have idly lusted after for many years – a Gunboat. Specifically a Gunboat 65, Laguz, the fifth and last built in Cape Town, South Africa, before manufacturing was moved to China then North Carolina, until bankruptcy and selling the hull moulds to Outremer. We’ve jokingly claimed that Wasco, an Outremer 50S, is therefore a Gunboat.  The two professional crew were very friendly, and envious that we were hoping to get to Fiordland while their itinerary was in limbo waiting on the absent owners.

In Whangamumu Harbor the pretty little wooden boat pictured above anchored next to us. I would have expected this boat on Lake Tahoe, not making its way out in the open ocean to get up and down the coast.

In Mangonui the adjacent boat was home to a young family; seagulls with two fledglings. They had taken considerable time to furnish and dress the boat in their very personal style and guarded it with a passion. Most unwelcoming.

As counterpoint, last night a fishing boat anchored next to us. With a whistle and a crayfish held aloft they welcomed us over. After a most entertaining hour, or was it two, and a case of beers, we returned with both a steamed crayfish and another case of beer; they were concerned we had wine and beer in disproportionate amounts.



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