Where’s Waldo?

Staying in touch with family and friends is a daily challenge. You’re probably not alone in wondering what we’re up to and where we may be at any given moment. Phone calls and personal emails are not as frequent and immediate as any of us would like. For the blog we developed a page with a map that updates our position as a bread crumb trail; if only we could get it working. That’s going to require some serious time online. Till then, I’ll just have to tell you the picture for this post is early morning in Mangonui Harbour and you will have to use Google Maps to find it yourself. As I type this, we’re at anchor “Under The Light” in Otou Cove, North Cape, waiting for the weather to change so we can head around to Cape Reinga and start down the West Coast towards the South Island. I have no idea where we’ll be when I can post this.

It’s a shock to our systems coming from the land of infinite data. Beyond the economic fact that wi-fi data is cripplingly expensive on a cruising budget, we’re subject to the vagaries of even obtaining a decent wi-fi signal. Some of the prettiest little harbours and anchorages we’ve chosen are buried deep in little valleys where they provide great relief from prevailing winds and ocean swells. That same geography is equally good at blocking out cellphone and wi-fi signals.

You would be quite surprised at the contortions we go through and how much effort is expended in searching for a reliable signal. Yesterday Don was standing in the salon with a decent signal, only to lose it the moment he put the phone down on the table. There are days we’ve hoisted a phone to the mast head, only to lose the connection thirty minutes later. Whenever we’re out hiking, the phones and tablets go along in case some highpoint grants us a decent signal and the opportunity to pay bills and see if the rent was received.

It truly is as difficult sometimes as finding the proverbial needle in a haystack. And since we’re cruising, to keep things positive, I’ve come to treat it as a game and started referring to our hunt for the elusive wi-fi signal in those terms:  Where’s Waldo?

2 thoughts on “Where’s Waldo?

  1. I take it you’ll never complain about our poor connectivity in Saratoga again? I do feel for you and suspect this is more akin to life in SA….

  2. Surprised that wifi availability is still so sparse in NZ .
    We found wifi literally everywhere down the outside of lonely Baja. Every little settlement has its radio tower. In fact, we were in no-man’s land Santa Maria Bay, when an urgent email reached us that our credit card had been hacked in Ensenada. Of course, Mexico is CA’s backyard.

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