Towing Canopus

We “met” (how well you do you meet someone when hollering across 50′ of water in a howling gale?) a fellow catamaran sailor deep in Greville Harbour. He had managed to get himself in to shelter from the coming weather, but his engine was being a bit cantankerous and he was afraid he might not be able to make way against the strong currents at the entrance on the way out.  Since we were both planning to leave the next morning we volunteered a tow.

The weather was marginally better, but getting a tow line between the two of us in gusts of 25-30 knots was a fun challenge. After that it all went pretty well – Canopus cruised along behind us quite nicely and we were able to get both of us out over the Boulder Bank with relative ease. Once in the outer harbor we cleared the tow lines and went our separate ways; it was a pleasant experience but we still don’t know our fellow sailor’s name.

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