What’s For Dinner Tonight?

Whilst in Hallam Cove (one of the anchorages in the Marlborough Sounds), Geoff and I decided to investigate a walk that the locals had created three years ago, and would take us along the edge of the bay to a look-out point. While not being particularly long or difficult, the walk allowed us to see some rather fun sights along the way from humorous installation art, courtesy of the one the residents, to “sheepish” sheep who were grazing outside of where they should have been, to lovely examples of fungi. The one mushroom in particular brought to my mind the late great Terry Pratchett, who wrote a series of stories that featured the delightful Wee Free men. These were little blue men dressed in kilts, who had a passion for drinking, fighting and thievery (often seen carrying off sheep, or “ships”, as they called them). Anyway, I had this vision of them living within the red and white polka dotted mushroom/toadstool plotting their next adventure. Silly, I know. But every now and again a dose of silliness is good for the soul, and potentially for the pot. Mushrooms for dinner anyone?

3 thoughts on “What’s For Dinner Tonight?

  1. I suspect these mushrooms are better inhaled – no doubt we’ll be able to figure out from the next report (if there is one) which way you chose to go!

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