Getting Ready to Head to the Tropics

It’s time for us to head off to the South Pacific, with our first stop being Raivavae in the Australs. Donald has been working with Met Bob, a weather man who prognosticates weather for South Pacific passages. When Donald and Bob both think it looks good we’ll raise the hook and head out of Lyttelton. We’ve spent a little extra time and money for this step because it will be just Donald and me for this passage. Geoff and Laura-Lee have decided to take a different route on their adventure and we wish them the best.

I’m a little more trepidatious about doing four hour shifts with just the two of us on a boat this large but Donald assures me that we’ve done it before and we can do it again.

My mom will be meeting us in Tahiti for two weeks and Donald’s mom will be joining us somewhere along the way to visit and help us with one of the passages. We’ll try to keep up the blog as we travel (although without pictures until we get back to real internet service).

11 thoughts on “Getting Ready to Head to the Tropics

  1. I picture this Bob fellow standing at the water’s edge, looking out to the horizon with a divining stick of sorts held up in the air – am I terribly far off base?!

    • I don’t even think he has a view of the water, otherwise not far off base. We just hope that the witch doctor who created his divining rod is a good one.

  2. Have fun on the upcoming passage. No worries at all – you two have done similar before, and Dad and I did it from Cape Town to San Francisco. Fair winds – looking forward to some tropical paradise pictures and updates!

    • Even your dad was a lot younger then than Donald is now ?. I guess now I’m with the current Oldie von Moldy. Thanks for the support. We hope to see along the way, think about it.

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