The Long Underwear Route To Tahiti – Redux

Forty years ago (almost exactly, give or take a couple of weeks) Anduril set out on a passage across the southern Pacific (I say “southern Pacific” because it was much further south than most people think of when they hear “south Pacific”). That passage went from Chile to Tahiti, with stops at Juan Fernandez, Easter, and Pitcairn Islands. Within the family that passage was referred to as “the long underwear route to Tahiti.” None of your idyllic, tropical, trade winds sailing, it was cold, wet, and slow. We literally wore our long underwear until the day before we arrived in Tahiti.

Fast forward 40 years, did youth learn anything from that experience? Apparently not. We are underway sailing from another southern Pacific port (albeit on the other side of the ocean) toward Tahiti. And it is cold, wet, gray and just generally less than idyllic. We are wearing every piece of warm clothing we have on board. Nothing terrible, we’re both fine, the weather is as expected – even the passage and the cold are as expected. But being on watch alone gives some time for solitary reflection and you start to wonder if you ever learned the lessons of youth:)

To wrap it up though, we are both well, the boat and the weather are behaving, and we are well on our way toward Raivavae (we averaged 7 knots for our first 24 hours, not too bad).

2 thoughts on “The Long Underwear Route To Tahiti – Redux

  1. What happened to Met Bob?!?!?! Thought he was supposed to keep you in nice weather, just windy enough and sunny and warm ;))

  2. Wind on the nose, too? I hope not all the time. I’m assuming you have the makings of lots of good hot chocolate.

    Old German saying (applies only to old Germans???): Ve get too soon old und too late schmart. I’m still waiting for smart to kick in.

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