Waiting For The Shoe To Drop

So, ever since we made the final turn for Raivavae 4 days ago or so we’ve known that we’re racing the clock to get there. The convergence zone is due to drop on our heads sometime over the weekend, and when it does it will make the final leg to Raivavae very difficult. Maybe impossible. So we’ve been using everything we can to get there before that happens, or to line ourselves up so that if it does we at least have a chance.

Yesterday we had our own personal line of squalls for about 16 hours and made really good time. Things were looking promising. At dawn this morning we had 300 miles to go, with even a moderate breeze we could finish that distance before the trouble comes. But then the wind died. We’ve motored as much as we can (we just don’t carry that much fuel, and want to have some in reserve). This afternoon we’re making a whopping 3 knots (give or take). It’s probably not enough.

Only time will tell, but sitting here on the boat not being able to do much about anything and waiting for the shoe to fall is aggravating. Just get it done with.

For the worriers amongst you, don’t worry, it just promises to be unpleasant. We have a fallback plan, if it gets bad we can divert to another island, Tubuai, which is 100 miles closer and a little further north, so a better angle. Once we get in, wherever we get in, we’ll update and let you know how it went (rather than the trepidation of wondering how it is going to go).


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