Passage To The Tuamotos

We left Raivavae three days ago to make our way to the Tuamotus. We got our watermaker end cap at the airport late on Monday evening (and that whole process probably deserves a post of its own) and the weather report looked benign for a Tuesday departure, so we got underway. We’re three days into what should probably have been a three day passage, but the weather has indeed been “benign” and we’ve been going a little slow. We’ll probably arrive four or five hours after dark tonight, so we’ll get to spend a little time trying not to go anywhere and waiting for the sun to come up.

The weather has indeed been benign. We’ve had hatches open the entire passage and haven’t had enough to spray to even get the decks damp, much less test any of our leak repairs. When it gets really windy it’s blowing 15, but most of the trip has been made with 6-10 knots on the beam. Just gently coasting along at 4-5 knots. Lots of reading and relaxing, a much more pleasant passage than the trip up from NZ.

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