Shaaarks – They Only Bite When You Touch Their Private Parts

Did my first dive in about 12 years here at the south pass at Fakarava. Luckily diving is kind of like riding a bike, you never really forget how to breathe. Although I did forget how dry my mouth gets. It was all worth it. Such a beautiful dive, very vibrant coral, so much fish variety (Donald even saw a puffer fish, I missed it :)), and of course black tip sharks with a white tip thrown in here and there. I was surprisingly relaxed with so many sharks swimming around us. They are a little curious but don’t usually get within three meters. We also plan on diving the north pass in a week or so after we slowly make our way up the motu.

Of course we’ve also done our share of snorkeling which is almost as good as the diving. The reefs are fairly shallow so even someone with my eyesight can see just about everything, even the sharks lurking in the shadows. Of course they aren’t always lurking, Donald has gotten some great close-up video footage. We will post some time soon. What has really amazed me is the massive schools of fish of every kind. We maybe should have come in to the Tuamotus with a better fish guide but we plan on getting one in Tahiti just before we leave the areas it covers. Maybe it will help us out in Tonga and Fiji.


3 thoughts on “Shaaarks – They Only Bite When You Touch Their Private Parts

  1. Just letting you know, we better find lots of stuff to do while I’m there because I will not be going in the water – – i’m not kidding!!

    Also, Mrs. Helen will not be joining you – – I’m keeping her safe and sound from the fishes here!

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