Invasion of the Cat People – OR – Where Did All the Tris Go?

This post is especially for Don and Anne on Redwood Coast. We came back to Tahiti to drop off Erika’s Mom at the airport. This time we anchored over by Maeva Beach/Marina Taina. There must be 100 boats on moorings (tons of those now) or anchored out here. Maybe more than a 100, stopped counting. And NO voyaging trimarans. I make that distinction because there are two trimarans here (well, one and 3/4). One is an old Searunner 34 that looks like it last sailed a decade ago. The other is a “part Piver” that is missing the aft half of the starboard ama.

When we were here 12 years ago (with Don and Anne) there were at least two voyaging trimarans;  Redwood Coast and Anduril. And that was out of only 30 or 40 boats.  This time none. Out of more than 100. I’m almost feeling like a traitor. Makes me want to come back home, sell the boat, and build a trimaran:)

Either way, the 100+ boats in the anchorage are too many, time to get out of here. Last week at Haapiti on the back side of Moorea (the sunset photos from the last post) there were three other boats. So, while we’ve enjoyed Jackie’s visit (and did get to those less traveled parts of Moorea with her) we’re off tomorrow in search of more anchorages like that.

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