A Visit From Home

Had a great visit with my mom. This was her first big international trip traveling alone and the first time my family has come to see us on the boat. My mom did great. Here she is getting underway, being dropped off by my sister at SFO. We started her off in Tahiti to get her acclimated to living on the boat but of course that meant being in the marina for a few days. She had to get used to practically walking right through town with our shower supplies to head to the marina office for our nightly showers. These were necessary after spending day after day walking all around Papeete, site seeing, shopping, and driving around the island as well. The city was good but more utilitarian, the trip picked up when we left the dock and headed over to Moorea. Had a great sail but it was my mom’s first day out at sea so the waves did get to her and she got a little sick but after that she was a rock star. We sailed all around Moorea, to Haapiti, Oponuhu Bay, and Cook’s Bay and she did amazing. She even started sitting up on the front deck with me for some dolphin spotting.

One morning in Haapiti I had the binoculars out because I noticed quite a few kayakers at the pass. I could see a whole lot of dolphin fins so I had my mom get in to her bathing suit as quickly as possible and we headed out to the pass in the kayak. We spent a good hour tooling around watching about 30 dolphins playing around, she loved them but really, what’s not to love, they are such beautiful creatures. Throughout the week we saw some sting rays and an eagle ray as well.

The best part was that my mom, like me, just likes to be in the water. So we spent a lot of our time swimming, or floating around, playing cards, and reading.

It was fabulous with her here but tonight we had to say goodbye when Donald and I dropped her off at the airport. It’s always a little hard for me to say goodbye. Thank you mom for coming to see us!

Now Donald and I are ready to head off to Raiatea to meet up with Pete, Holly, Annika, and Ashton. Luckily, we have a new dinghy to take with us, courtesy of STH, where we bought our new outboard motor 12 years ago. Should make for some easier maneuvering with a roomier and faster dinghy.


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