Room with a View Redux

Harifa, in Fakarava, is one of my favorite all time anchorages and gives real meaning to “A Room With A View.” You really can’t ask for more when it comes to an anchorage. It’s gorgeous with shallow blue water. It has a flat lagoon connected to it that is great for kayaking and kite surfing, not that I do the latter but as our friend Chris on Namaste says, “it’s epic.” It is an incredibly well protected anchorage, and to top it off, you can even say it has excellent shopping. Donald found me an amazing heart urchin shell for my birthday.

There is even a great little Snack here, where we went to a party and listened to the ” Harifa Howlers,” an impromptu band playing some good old fashioned classic rock and, to Donald’s delight, some Jimmy Buffett as well.

Speaking of birthdays. I wanted to send a thank you to Chris, Jess, and Isabelle on Namaste for making my birthday very special. Dinner out was unexpected and I loved my birthday card made especially for me by Isabelle.

As I’m sure I’ve said too many times, Fakarava is one of the most beautiful places French Polynesia has to offer. We had such a great time there this time even with the additional number of boats that now go there. We anchored at the pass, did some diving and snorkeling, incredible, we anchored at Harifa of course, we made our way up the lagoon to Mathew’s where we got some internet, drove in to the main village to pick up some veggies, had a drink at Mathew’s, and then headed back down to Harifa to just hang out and relax. Then of course we headed off to Tahiti to meet my mom.

3 thoughts on “Room with a View Redux

  1. Beautiful shell! And wow! I’m learning a lot about the part of the world where you have traveled so far. Keep it up.

    • It really has been great so far but I’m also really looking forward to getting to places I haven’t been to before like the Cook Islands and Tonga. I love that you check out the blog. Hope you and Bill are well.

  2. Great to hear what’s going on! Hope to be joining you at some point.. you’ll have to stay out for a while.

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