Aitutaki was meant to be a brief pit stop for us, a way to break up the passage toward Tonga. And the channel into the lagoon and the anchorage don’t really sell the island. Neither did our first day here, when it started pouring down rain half an hour after we arrived (the first rain they’d had in three months). But the sunset at the end of that rain storm brought an end to the gloomy view and really improved our take on Aitutaki.

The Rain Comes Down
And More Rain

Today we were able to get out and take a tour around the main island. We started early at the church.

Our Day Starts Early, But The Church Is Already Busy

After the church we walked through town. One thing we’ve found fascinating throughout Polynesia is that honored ancestors are buried in the yard. At pretty much every house.

The Front Yard
The Side Yard

Our tour continued past some interesting places.

The Aitutaki Fishing Fleet
Island Living

And Donald took some time to meet the local felines (in much better nick than those in French Polynesia).

The Cat Whisperer (On One of His Many Stops)

Then we hiked to the top and took in the views.

We Start the Up
Did We Set the Anchor?
View From the Top

Tomorrow out to the motus to see if we can find some turtles, then off to Beveridge Reef (if the wind cooperates) or Niue or Tonga (if the wind is less cooperative).

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