Enroute to Fiji

We’re a day-and-a-half into what we hope is a three day passage from Tonga to Fiji. We owe you all one (or more) posts on Tonga, but once again the data pipes have not been cooperative, so those will have to follow. Suffice it to say that we are somewhat disappointed in Google’s Project Fi and in Mr. Zuckerberg’s (sp?) attempts to bring decent internet to the outer reaches of the world.

For now, this is just a quick note (because we’ve been absent) to let you all know that we have 20 knots from dead astern, the jib all the way out, and are making a nice, stately pace toward Suva. Plenty of wind to go faster, but we don’t want to arrive before Monday morning (so as not to have to pay the government officials overtime) so we’re taking it easy and pretty much loafing along.

We hope to have some pictures and stories up as soon as we get to Suva.

3 thoughts on “Enroute to Fiji

  1. I hope you won’t miss Kadavu Isl, specifically Daku Bay. The latter is shown to have max depth of 3′ but it was more like 30′. Tricky to enter, to be sure. Met the villagers at Naivakaraniniu and Daku and ultimately worked at nearby Papageno resort for a few months.
    One of the highlights of my life.

  2. Kadavu is our intended next stop after checking in. We’re exchanging guests/crew at the airport over the next week, then off to Kadavu. Will make a point of having Daku on the itinerary.

    • Don here-There are several villages around Daku Bay. There is one on either side of the entrance which may or may not have markers. You want leave Suva (if that is where you are) very early in order to make the 50 km windward passage to Kadavu (pronounced Kindavu) not much later than 2-3 pm So the reefs are visable from the rigging. Or you could cross to the east end of the island where there is open entrance to the bay. The ferry visits here.
      In Daku village the village spokesman is Epi with wife Cata. I don’t think you can anchor in front of Daku as it is foul ground. I recall that the entrance to Daku bay is closer to west side of the entrance of the outer bay. Daku has 360degree protection. There is a passage through the mangrove on the north side of Daku where you can dinghy in to the landing at Vunisei Village where there is a school. As you may be aware the Fijians are some the friendliest people in the world. We spent over a year altogether in this area as we flew down there to manage the Resort (and install their solar system) several different times. We enjoy hearing about your adventures.

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