We had a really nice daysail up from Ha’apai to Vava’u, mostly in company (not planned) with our friends on Sula. Whales, whales everywhere. Sula had one breach close enough to get wet. From our perspective it looked like the spray swallowed up their boat.

Vava’u is a lot more crowded than Ha’apai. Don’t think we ever had an anchorage to ourselves. Two or three boats in a couple of places, but a dozen or more in others. Still quite fun and interesting, but sometimes stressful getting the boat anchored in just the right place.

We never quite settled in to Tonga for some reason but at the same time there were some highlights. Kenutu was a beautiful place, what you would expect to see on a tropical island postcard with white sand beaches and crashing waves. Erika even got to swim with four manta rays on our way there. There was also a short but beautiful hike that went to the top of the island. The back side had breaking waves like the California coast.

Another highlight was Hunga. We were going to head to “The Blue Lagoon” but the weather wasn’t cooperating so instead we ventured through the small pass at Hunga. We lucked out and one of the three mooring balls was available so we didn’t have to worry about the deep anchorages or the coral. It was a lovely one-day stay before we headed to Fiji. We took the dinghy over to the pass between Hunga and The Blue Lagoon where the beach was covered in sand dollars. Very nice for the shell collector on the boat. In the end, when we got to the less crowded anchorages, Tonga really showed it’s true colors of being a very welcoming country.


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