We sailed from Tonga to Fiji and checked in at Suva. Suva seems now to get a bad rap from current cruisers, we heard a lot of negative reviews (mostly from people who have never been here) and it seems that most of the crowd checks in at Savasavu up on Vanua Levu. Nevertheless, we’d already made plans to exchange guests here in Suva, so we came on through. And we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Yes, it is a busy, industrial port and a busy, utilitarian city. But sometimes we actually need those things.  We anchored outside the Royal Suva Yacht Club (RSYC) in the main harbor with about 10 other boats and spent the better part of a week. RSYC has a nice place to land the dinghy, hot showers, a fuel dock, a decent bar, and it’s only a 20 minute walk or a $2.50 cab ride to downtown – where there’s lots of shopping, restaurants, and all the other things one could need.

We got here with my Mom on board, she’s been with us since Raiatea, but left on the big jet plane from Suva. A few days later Erika’s best friend Joanie flew in and joined us for a couple of weeks. From Suva we headed down to Kadavu and Astrolabe, some of which preceded this post and a few more to follow.

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  1. “Game of Thrones” didn’t win any Emmys either, so you’re in good company. Glad to see that the underwater scene in Fiji is more like “the old days.” I especially liked the blue and gold fish. The Bears are undefeated: 3-0. Come Saturday evening . . .

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