Yasawas With Ken and Claudia

Hey all, it’s been a long time, we’re behind in blogging. My Dad and Claudia flew into Nadi and joined us at Port Denarau for a couple of weeks. We spent a day just hanging out to give them some time to acclimate, then headed over to the Mamanucas and Yasawas to get the Fijian flavor.

First stop was the fruit and veg market in Nadi to stock up on fresh produce for the rest of the week.

Loaded up with delicious fresh-from-the-farm produce we head off for the islands. First stop some uninhabited parts of the Mamanucas.

From Navadra on to our “second home” at Yalombi Village on Waya. Ken and Claudia got to participate in their first sevusevu.

We tour the village with Merowai. Yalombi is the “head” village on Waya and has the school. Kids from the village board at the school Monday through Friday and take off on Friday afternoon to go back to their homes.

From Yalombi we went in search of the manta rays at Drawaqa. They were elusive, Erika got a couple of glimpses, but they were fast and camera shy, so we can only tell you we did see one. The sailing between the islands was nice, we got to see some dolphins, and beaches were pretty neat.

We got up toward the north end of the Yasawas and did sevusevu again at Malakati village. They see a lot fewer boats up at this end of the chain and seemed to have a little bit less in the way of supplies compared with further south.

We had a fabulous visit with Dad and Claudia, their first real vacation in 20+ years. Now we’re back to just the two of us on the boat. Next stop….

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