En-Route to NZ

Well, back to the beginning. Not something that Erika particularly wants to hear, but we’re on our way back to Whangarei. We have a couple of boat projects we’d like to tackle during the off season, and this seemed liked the best place to get them done.

Of course, first we have to get there. We checked out of Fiji on Wednesday, and armed with a promising weather report we headed south about noon. By the time we got to Malolo Passage in mid afternoon it was a pretty snotty 25, gusting to 40, and from the south. None of which were desirable starting points. We figured it might just be the afternoon heat in Lautoka, so (don’t tell the Fijian authorities) we turned around and anchored behind Malolo Lailai for the afternoon. We figured we’d leave in the evening when the wind died down. It never really did, so next we figured we’d get a full night’s sleep and set out in the wee hours Thursday.

That plan came together and we left at 0430 Thursday morning. The wind had settled down to about 15 and from the SE, so we had a pleasant morning sail out the passage. We hadn’t gotten too far though when it got snotty again, blowing 25 to 30 and more S than SE. We soldiered on, with Erika taking the brunt of the unpleasantness. We had a day-and-a-half of less than ideal conditions and it didn’t do her stomach any good.

But, that was two days ago. We’ve now woken up to a couple of sunny mornings, reasonable conditions, and some nice sailing. The other shoe is predicted to drop tonight, but it should be behind us so maybe we’ll make some time even if it isn’t great weather tomorrow.

Any which way, we are underway, safe, sound, and dry and just taking whatever Mother Nature throws our way. Should be in NZ the end of the week, and will be in touch once we get there (and shower).


One thought on “En-Route to NZ

  1. We had a similar experience leaving from Musket Cove. We finally got fed up with the unfavorable winds and set off for Opua. It was a wet and wild ride in the wrong direction. We were heading for Norfolk Island, more or less.
    Anyway, we figured we can’t have smooth downwind sailing all the time.
    So, now we’re wondering where you are, surely you have arrived. Let us know how the ride was.

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