Here We Are Again

Somehow we forgot to post again once we got done with the passage. Here we are again in New Zealand. In the end it took us 9 days to get here and after the first three everything went pretty well. The last two days were pretty slow, somewhat because of weather (lack of wind) and somewhat because we slowed down a bit to arrive in daylight. Which we managed to do just right – we got to the outer channel buoy at Whangarei just as dawn started to break on Saturday morning. Thankfully NZ officialdom doesn’t charge overtime for weekend arrivals.

Formalities took less than an hour, and, except for losing all of our fresh food were pretty easy and straightforward. We turned around and left the quarantine dock and made our way over to Taurikura Bay where we dropped the hook for a very relaxed and easy weekend. The scene just about defines ‘bucolic’. We took hot showers, cleaned up the boat, and slept a lot.

On Sunday we went ashore and walked up Mount Manaia. Only 1300 vertical feet above the harbor. On a trail that is mostly stairs. What a great way to get off our rear ends after a week at sea:)

Monday we moved up to town and have spent the week in the Town Basin trying to make arrangements for the work we’d like done on the boat (and the reason we returned to NZ). That has been slow going, most businesses are really busy, but we had been making headway until this morning. Today we got up before dawn to make our way down to the boatyard and get the boat hauled with the high tide at 7:30. We’d pre-arranged to have the drawbridge between us and the yard open at 6:30. Open it did, about two meters, where it got stuck. High enough that it was useless as a bridge (just in time for rush hour traffic) and low enough that we couldn’t get under it. The bridge crew worked diligently to get the thing operating again, but as we all know the tide doesn’t wait, and by the time the bridge could be opened again the water had gone out too much. So now we’re punting, the yard doesn’t have another opening for two weeks and we’re trying to figure out what happens next. Stay tuned….

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    • That’s the plan anyway, but when me missed our appointment they put us off two weeks, which cramps the schedule a bit. Probably still end up there, but also exploring options.

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