Hiding From Hola

We’ve been hanging out in the Bay of Islands, relaxing a little and trying to get both the boat and ourselves ready to jump over to Australia. We’re ready, but now the weather doesn’t want to cooperate. While we’re technically out of the cyclone belt the third ex-cyclone of the season is headed for us here in NZ. We had two pass right overhead while we were in the boatyard, this one looks like it’s coming straight for us here in the Bay of Islands. Today we moved from picturesque to protected, hiding out in Assassination Cove.  We came in here about a week ago just to check it out and enjoyed our stay. Nice protection from about 3/4s of the compass (some opening to the west). We’ll hang out here until the weather passes then look at the long range forecasts for a good window to jump across the Tasman.


The local residents – the ones all the tourists come to see.


The local residents – don’t think the tourists pay too much attention.


Cool spider webs in the trees

Donald checks out the official flying saucer docking station at Urupukapuka

2 thoughts on “Hiding From Hola

  1. I would say “Some pig,” but it’s not that kind of web. There’s also a T-shirt (for old people?) that says “I already did my cardio this morning. I walked through a spider web.” I think I could walk around this one. It’s some piece of construction.

    • The reply to “Some Pig” was, “I would say that we have a rather extraordinary spider,” and that certainly applies in this case!

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