Ball’s Pyramid and Lord Howe Island

Today we went like blazes to make it to Lord Howe Island. Pulled out all the stops and had the boat doing 10s and 12s as we raced to beat the sunset (no entry to the lagoon after dark). Coming in from the south we passed by Ball’s Pyramid, a quite striking pinnacle in the middle of the ocean (Google it, you’ll find better pictures than we could take in the mist). We didn’t get as close as we had hoped since we were racing the clock, but close enough to understand how it got its name.

Between Ball’s and Lord Howe we picked up quite a large school of very energetic dolphins. The played with us for about half-an-hour and really seemed to like Wasco when she surfed. Lot of jumps and flips, we’ll go through the photos and see if we got anything interesting and post it when we get data.

We rounded the southern end of the island about 30 minutes before sunset and were finally able to raise the police on the radio. Together we decided we’d opt to spend the night at the closer south end because we were afraid we’d lose the light before we made the northern entrance another 3 miles away. We probably could have made it, but as I type this the sun has already set and we really haven’t been here that long. At least we’re settled in for the night and don’t have to stand watches.

More once we get a chance to go ashore and explore tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “Ball’s Pyramid and Lord Howe Island

  1. Glad you’re in safe harbor. Ball’s Pyramid looks very intriguing–hope you get to explore there. Wet and cold here.

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