Bundaberg to Pancake Creek

From Platypus Bay we had an amazing daysail across to Bundaberg. That’s Erika below enjoying the ride. The sun was out, the wind was plentiful, the seas were pretty small, and we caught (and passed:)) the monohull that left a couple of hours before us. We got there so early that we were able to work our way up the river to the town of Bundaberg rather than having to settle for a night at the port. We anchored right downtown in the heart of the action.

We did have a couple of boat items rear their heads here, a starting battery gave up the ghost and our windlass became less than reliable (a slowly developing problem that started the day we left NZ – it couldn’t make itself known all that time we were in a boatyard?). Thanks to the folks at the Battery Barn (do you know how many battery shops there are in Bundaberg? – a whole lot it turns out) and Hansen’s Auto Electric we got both issues sorted out, but in the end it took a week. At least that left time for morning runs on the riverside path (Erika), a visit to the Botanic Gardens, churches, … You know the drill. We got to know the town bus system pretty well and did a bunch of shopping, laundry, and other chores that needed doing (exciting, huh?). Bundaberg is a nice little town. Reminded us of some of the farming towns in the Central Valley.

From Bundaberg we dared the 65 mile sail in daylight to get up to Pancake Creek. It was another stellar day of sailing (with a bit of annoying, squally weather), we left the port at 7 am and dropped the hook by 4:30, about an hour before sunset. The ‘fun meter’ hit 14 a couple of times:)

We got in at low tide and had this beautiful view of the sand flats just next to the anchorage.

The next morning started with a pancake breakfast (what else can you have for brekkie at Pancake Creek?) and then we went for a walk up to Aircraft Beach. Did you see the friend who greeted us at the top of this post? He was on a branch at eye level hanging out right over the trail as we walked up. There were lots of pretty flowers and butterflies but not a lot else (except the ‘roo we heard hopping away in the bush).


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