Fraser Island and the Fearsome Wide Bay Bar

Since the northerly weather kept us at Straddie a little longer than we expected we decided to jump from there straight up to Fraser Island. That meant a short overnight trip that saw us going faster than we needed, we got to Double Island Point at 2 am. Fortunately it’s a wide open bay, so we were able to drop the hook until daylight.

We then headed up to the Wide Bay Bar, which, by all accounts can be quite nasty. For us, tame as a pussycat. Guess we just picked the right day. We spent a couple of days working our way up the Great Sandy Straits (between Fraser Island and Australia proper). The narrow winding waterways were interesting and very protected, but we found we enjoyed Platypus Bay outside the north end of the Straits the most.

The “White Cliffs” anchorage at the north end of Great Sandy Straits. The tide flows through here something fierce, you really don’t want to jump in and go swimming except at slack water (or never if you’re worried about the very rare crocodile sightings at Fraser Island).

The local inhabitants, not yet big enough to be dinner.

At anchor in Platypus Bay. Blue skies, white sandy beaches, trade wind clouds blowing the light breeze, what more can you ask for?

Tirumala hamata/Blue Tiger Butterfly – Fraser Island
Bristle Worm – Fraser Island
Dipodium variegatum / Spotted Hyacinth Orchid – Fraser Island

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