Cape Upstart

We made a nice day sail up to Cape Upstart. Notice the skimpy bathing attire as we travel through the warm, sunny Queensland tropics. We left Gloucester Passage early in the morning. About an hour later we saw a Schionning 1500 get underway from an anchorage about a mile away from where we started (ah, the perils of modern things like AIS). As he slowly caught up to us we realized that is was another cat of similar size and that meant we were racing.  Away with the casual daysailing attitude and up with the spinnaker. He went for the tacking downwind option and sailed faster than us, but also further. We went for the DDW option with the spinnaker. We held our own (just barely, skin of our teeth) and made it into the anchorage first by about the same margin as we had at the start of the “race.” Kind of fun to watch how the different tactics played out as we knew exactly how fast he was going and what direction he was pointing (and, playing fare, he knew exactly the same about us).

Anchor’s Down – A Nice Way to End a Race
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