Let’s Go On Safari…

At the end of our eventful passage from La Réunion we pulled into the delightful little South African town of Richards Bay. It’s a small town with a big port. After clearing in with officials we moved over to the Zululand Yacht Club and got a berth for our stay so we could get on with the general cleanup and leak stopping required after a passage with some nasty weather.

The first couple of days we spent in Richards Bay don’t warrant much mention, just a lot of work cleaning up the boat and the people. Unfortunately the town and the yacht club are in a bit of a pissing match so the town shut off the electricity to the yacht club the day we arrived. No warm showers:(

But, after we got rested and go the boat all cleaned up we decided to take advantage of our locale and took a trip for a couple of days to the little town of St. Lucia. Definitely a tourist destination with beaches and game preserves all around. We’d booked a one-day drive through the Hluhluwe uMfolozi game park. We also spent a day driving ourselves around Cape Vidal and taking in the sights. Below are just a few of the shots that filled the SD card.

Hippos in the River at St. Lucia
Anyone Can Get You Lion Shots – How Many Bush Snakes Have You Seen?
Weaver Birds Build Incredibly Complex Nests
Feeding the Young
Can You See Me?
Dinner Date
I’m a Cute Fellow
Vulture on Nest
Brightly Colored Male
The Mrs.
You Lookin’ at Me?
Disappearing Act
Mmmm, Acacia
Around Town
Break Me Off A Piece Of That Kit-Kat Bar
Impala! You Get Tired of Calling Out the Sightings
Waterbuck in the Grasslands
There’s A Fungus Among Us

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