Rodrigues – The Other Tortoise Island

We pulled into Rodrigues (the locals seem to say “rod reeg”) after a pretty boisterous passage from Cocos-Keeling. It was pleasant to get out of the wind and waves. The passage wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t our best either.

Rodrigues is small, about 35,000 people. A nice little town with most things a cruiser could want. They grow a lot of vegetables, so getting fresh food was nice. When the ship isn’t in yachts can tie up to the concrete wall in the harbor. It isn’t very soft for us small boats, but it sure is convenient. The guys in the port are super friendly and can arrange just about anything, and they know where everything is on the island. We rented/borrowed a scooter for a day a took a loop around the island.

Harry at the port treated us to lunch on our second day as a way of introducing us to the island and its cuisine. Rodrigues really is a melting pot with African, Indian, Asian, and European cultures meeting and mixing. The food reflects this, and was quite good. It was also nice to just sit back with a local and get the skinny on all the interesting things to find on the island.

The big tourist attraction is the tortoises, Rodrigues is protecting and bringing back species of tortoises from all over the Indian Ocean.

Not Just Cats…
A Baby

Rodrigues also has a lot of caves. Seems there’s a lot of limestone/karst on this mostly volcanic island.

Stalactites and Stalagmites

We stayed in Rodrigues for about 5 days, resting and waiting for a nice weather forecast before moving on. On the way out of the harbor we encountered a pod of humpback whales to wish us well along the way.

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