Panama – Deja Vu

Once we were settled in Balboa we took a bus back over to the other side to join Wildside and help them with their transit. Their friend Steve had flown in from England while we were in Balboa so we had the requisite five without a hired gun. Steve used to live in Panama and did some work for the new canal so he was full of local knowledge.

Captain Andrew – Full Speed Ahead – Prepare To Board

But watch out for the crocodiles or you might just end up like Captain Hook.

Once we were all settled in Balboa Steve took us around town.

The Cat Whisperer At Work
Cheek By Jowl

Fashion Photos
Urban Wildlife

Once we got all our provisions aboard we (and Wildside) headed out and spent 10 days in Las Perlas. What a wonderful place to decompress after the transit and the intense shopping to prepare for our passage. We had every anchorage we entered all to ourselves. The water was nice, the beaches inviting, and lots of nooks and crannies for exploring by dinghy and kayak. A great way to end our stay in Panama.

Laundry Day On The Fishing Boat
Steve In A Light-Hearted Moment
Wildside Sneaking Along In A Light Breeze
Pacific Wildlife

It’s funny to think you can become so close to another boat in such a short time but it was great having Wildside as traveling companions. But as it goes, we had to go our separate ways, Donald and I heading to Hawaii and Wildside heading to the South Pacific. I believe our paths will cross again. Who knows, maybe Donald and I will take a trip to England or maybe Kate and Andrew will join us next year in Alaska.

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