The VI – Friends Come Visiting

Our “schedule” wasn’t yet empty, we had guests coming into the Virgin Islands shortly after the engine replacement, so we made our way from Culebra over to Saint Thomas in a rousing daysail. We got in a few days before we needed to meet the Sonnes, so we had some free time. We spent a lot of it in “safaris”, the local buses made up of pickup trucks with benches (and a roof) in the back. For a buck to two you could ride all around the island. Many of those trips were to contribute to the local economy (shopping, health care, boat projects) but we did have a little time to do some touring.

Linda, Scott, Peter, and Scotty showed up right on schedule and off we went to the BVI.

I’m Ready, Let’s Hit The Water
Lots Of Room In The Kitchen
A Hard Day On Vacation

We had hoped to grab some tanks and work our way around, but the recent hurricanes have wiped out most of the outer dive shops, so getting a tank fill is more difficult than it once was. We worked our way upwind to Cooper Island and made our base at Manchioneel Bay – the one operating dive compressor we were able to find in the outer islands. Every morning we made our way via dinghy and Wasco to multiple dive spots and came back every evening to get more fills. Probably not quite as many dives as Linda would have liked but a fabulous number for Erika. Linda and Erika did every dive and Scott and Donald rotated so there was always a baby sitter. It worked out well for the girls.

The kids really enjoyed the trip and got in a fair amount of snorkeling as well and of course a little mayhem on the boat. We even had a pizza pick-up at one of the anchorages. We slowly made our way back to St. Thomas to drop off our fabulous guests and as always it was sad to see them go.

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