Guests From Home

Dad and Claudia arrived in Auke Bay. After getting them settled on the boat we took the bus and made a quick trip in to Juneau to explore the little cruise ship town. It was a great first day to explore with the sun shining.  Donald and I had already provisioned the day before so we quickly set off for Glacier Bay making a pit stop at Funter Bay.

Looking just like cruise ship tourists
Interesting architecture in Juneau
On the “beach” at Funter Bay

Funter Bay has an interesting history, during WW II many of the Aleutian Islanders were removed from their homes and interned at Funter Bay and other camps on the inner islands. Most of the camps were pretty primitive and conditions were harsh, many died. Most of the Aleuts had Russian heritage, and the graveyard, recently restored, shows their Russian Orthodox faith.

A short life at Funter Bay

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