Finding Jonah

We left our isolated wonder at Ford’s Terror and made our way to Juneau for food and fuel. Even that little step back into civilization may have been too much:) Remembering to wear masks, and use hand sanitizer….

When we left Juneau we rounded Pt. Retreat and came across this incredible pod of whales (humpback) working a bait ball. We were on a bit of a schedule but it was so amazing we just had to stop and watch for a while. There were about 12 of them, and they’d all dive together and work like cowboys to round up a school of fish (we presume herring on the basis of zero evidence) and then all lunge to the surface simultaneously, maws agape, and swallow up as much as they could. We think we saw Jonah in there once, and we certainly know how he must have felt. Exactly where they would come to the surface was a bit of a puzzle, even the flock of gulls above got it wrong most of the time, but we occasionally managed to get our camera pointed in the right direction at the right time.

Major pileup on the 405
How many whales can you fit on the head of a pin?
Who has Jonah?
Yummmm, sushi
On the way to the next roundup

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