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About the Boat

Our vessel of choice would have been a trimaran, because we are died-in-the-wool trimaran folk. But finding one that fit our desires became an impossible task. The desires were pretty simple; a performance boat, equal accommodations for two couples, an indoor shower, and capable of going anywhere with water. After a lot of looking the answer turned out to be one of the older (Gerard Danson designed) Outremer cats. Launched in 1999, Wasco was built to be a performance catamaran. Heavier than she might be if built today, she still doesn’t have the condomaran weight and windage that kill performance. Spartan by comparison to those boats, Wasco is what would be a called an “owner’s version”; she has four double berths but “only” two heads (and in some respects we’d have been happy with one). She also has a lot specifications that we found desirable; solid laminate hulls (no core in the hulls), shaft drive engines (no big holes in the hulls), extensively refit by the previous owner (so we didn’t have to).

About the Name

Wasco is the Sea Wolf of the Haida and related peoples of the Pacific Northwest.  Variously spelled Wasco, Wasgo,  or Wasko (and Gonakadet to the Tlingit), an image of Wasco graced the bow of Donald’s family’s boat from the day she was launched.  Wasco has the traits of both a wolf and a whale and is able to traverse the border between land and water.  Wasco is a bit mischievous and can be a troublemaker, but at sea he is viewed as a protector and spirit guide.  Our image of Wasco is based on the art that graced the bow of Anduril for 40 years, which was drawn by family friend Connie Butler.  Her depiction was in turn influenced by the work of Charles Edenshaw, a Haida artist (and chief) born in 1839 whose body of work preserves a large part of Haida tradition.  Wasco is shown on our boat as the protector, he has the body of a man in his mouth (in the legend a man slays Wasco and then takes on his form, only to be turned into Wasco in the end) and is carrying away two killer whales (representing the bad spirits that might cause bad things to happen to us).