We had a really nice daysail up from Ha’apai to Vava’u, mostly in company (not planned) with our friends on Sula. Whales, whales everywhere. Sula had one breach close enough to get wet. From our perspective it looked like the spray swallowed up their boat. Vava’u is a lot more crowded than Ha’apai. Don’t think we ever had an anchorage to ourselves. Two or three boats in a couple of places, but a dozen or more in others. Still quite fun and interesting, but sometimes stressful getting the boat anchored in just the right place. We never quite settled in to Tonga for some reason but at the same time there were some highlights. Kenutu was a beautiful place, what you would expect to see on a tropical island postcard with white sand beaches and crashing waves. Erika even got to swim with four manta rays on our way there. There was also a short but beautiful hike that went

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Back To Tonga – Ha’apai

After leaving Niue we headed over to the Ha’apai group in Tonga.  It was only a couple of day sail, and seemed pretty uneventful, although when we got to Ha’apai we found out that we no longer have a skeg on the starboard hull.  No idea what happened, it is simply gone. Fortunately it is built with a “tear-away” design, so we’re all safe and sound, but we’ll have to haul out sooner rather than later and fabricate a new one. We spent about a week in Ha’apai and really enjoyed it. There were places with 2 or 3 other boats in the same anchorage and places where we were alone, but nothing ever too crowded. We really enjoyed Uoleva island, its six mile white sand beach, and the Driftwood Art Gallery. And then there were whales everywhere. The humpbacks are around while it is too cold down in Antarctica. Pretty much can’t go anywhere on the water without seeing

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