And The Underwear Is Off

Well, we didn’t wear the long underwear all the way to Tahiti. Yesterday it got warm (25C/77F) and the long underwear came off. A little sooner than expected, but a pleasant surprise. It may yet go back on, at least at night, for a while. Not quite yet in the tropics (won’t cross the Tropic of Capricorn until our next passage), but it sort of feels like we are. Does a lot for morale to have the sun out and to be a little warm (just wait for a few days until we start whinging about how warm and stuffy it is in the cabin:)).

Things The PO Didn’t Tell You – Part 1

Don’t know if I’ll ever rant my way into Parts 2 through x, but I figured I should start this out as Part 1. In boating, you always blame the PO (previous owner) for odd things and strange configurations you find on the boat, sometimes long after you purchased the boat. In our case, on the first “passage” we made I came below to find the starboard head floorboards awash in ocean. That sounds really bad (and hence we haven’t really discussed it in the blog), and it was a little freaky at the time, but the bilges in a catamaran are narrow and shallow, so it only takes about 10 gallons of water to float the floorboards. That bilge area isn’t connected to the rest of the hull, where the automatic bilge pump would have just emptied the water, because the shower is there, and we try to empty the shower directly with a separate, manually controlled pump. On

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Ground Hog Day

Yesterday wasn’t that wonderful a day, nothing we would find worth repeating, and yet here we are back in the western hemisphere, and as a result repeating yesterday. The repeat was better than the original. The morning started out a little shaken-not-stirred (which was the whole of the original, and thus a reason to not repeat), but the afternoon redeemed itself with actual sunshine, reasonable sailing (albeit still a bit lumpy) and indoor temperatures in the 20s (70s for the Yanks in the crowd – is that the whole crowd?). Things even started to feel drier (maybe just a little less damp?). Anyway, we’re still here, and still headed there, and we can leave the ugly details in the middle for some warm night in front of the fire with some whiskey.

The Long Underwear Route To Tahiti – Redux

Forty years ago (almost exactly, give or take a couple of weeks) Anduril set out on a passage across the southern Pacific (I say “southern Pacific” because it was much further south than most people think of when they hear “south Pacific”). That passage went from Chile to Tahiti, with stops at Juan Fernandez, Easter, and Pitcairn Islands. Within the family that passage was referred to as “the long underwear route to Tahiti.” None of your idyllic, tropical, trade winds sailing, it was cold, wet, and slow. We literally wore our long underwear until the day before we arrived in Tahiti. Fast forward 40 years, did youth learn anything from that experience? Apparently not. We are underway sailing from another southern Pacific port (albeit on the other side of the ocean) toward Tahiti. And it is cold, wet, gray and just generally less than idyllic. We are wearing every piece of warm clothing we have on board. Nothing terrible, we’re

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