Why now (How did you decide now is the time)?

Trump vs. Clinton, need we say more? Or we could blame the “strategic reduction in force” at Sunpower that cost Donald his job, but that was really just a fortuitously-timed event that happened long after the die had been cast.

Really, it had more to do with our belief in taking our “retirement” in stages while we are younger. You might call it a sabbatical, but that doesn’t quite seem to fit. Either way, it’s about getting outside the system and leading a more relaxed, healthy lifestyle. And doing that while we still can. We know too many people who leave this kind of thing until they retire, and then find that they are no longer able (or even worse, they never reach retirement). In the end, we would ask “why not now?” Yes, we managed to get ourselves well situated and we did a lot of advance planning, but there really is no reason not to go, and to go now while we can.

When did you start planning?

How was your route planned?

Our route is still a work in progress, so this FAQ may get updated from time to time.  We found and purchased the boat in New Zealand, so that’s where we started.  Seemed like a nice place to spend a summer and work out the kinks, fix anything that needed fixing, and generally get our sea legs. Then what?  Well, we wanted to start with some of that classical, tropical cruising, so we elected to head from New Zealand to French Polynesia.  That passage takes some careful timing, because the optimal route drops down into the 40’s you want to be out of New Zealand before winter starts, but not before the tropical cyclone season ends in the South Pacific.  Hence a March/April passage.  From there it’s again all about the weather.  The South Pacific sailing season runs from April to October, then you want to get out of Dodge before the cyclones pop up.  The options are to get out of the tropics in New Zealand/Australia or to head up to the Equator where they cyclones just don’t go.  That decision will be made down the road once we see how things go during the first six months.

How much did you pack?

Too much

Mobile phones/data/internet?